From:  Association President
Subj:  Presidents Message
     It is less that 90 days until our Reunion in DC on 9-13 Nov '05 and as of this writing (22 AUG '05) only 56 rooms and about the same number of registrations have been received.  This Association is notorious, no, make that infamous, for late registrations and hotel reservations.  Ask any of the past Presidents.  This makes it extremely difficult in arranging transportation, hospitality and banquet room sizes, and basic logistics. Without numbers it is a near impossible task.  Let's first talk billeting (rooms).  The drop dead date for our Reunion rate of $89.00 per night and half the parking fee (yes, Al, I remembered the parking and half is the best I could do.) is 17 Oct '05 at 1200 Eastern time.  Please do not call me after that date and expect a deal.  The regular room rates start at $129.00 and go way up from there.  Since we are under 120 days, the Association, meaning me, have incurred financial guarantees to the hotel and every 30 days closer to the Reunion the percentage of guarantees goes up.

     T-shirts have to be ordered by October 1st in order to have them for the Reunion.  If you do not order one on the registration sheet, do not expect one at the Reunion.  Also the size you order, is the size you get, as we will not have extras for exchanges. More can be made up after the Reunion.  We do not have the luxury of ordering excess shirts or any items because we do not have the funds to do so.  This is a fact and since our membership numbers are not going up, this is a continuing problem.(if you are a Life Member, consider a donation to the general fund).  We need successful reunions in order to finance the Scoop and other functions as required for our Association.  I implore you to send in the registration and make a room reservation now.  When you receive this Scoop, we will be well under 60 days until the reunion.  A successful reunion means the possibility of another reunion in 2007, the consequences of a bad reunion are obvious.

     Our Guest of Honor will be LTGEN Robert Magnus and his lovely wife Rose.  If you are not aware, he has just been confirmed by Congress to be our next Assistant Commandant, and yes he is a Member of our Association (H&MS-36, HMM-165).  The General has agreed to attend our Banquet, unless, as we all know,  Marine Corps business and/or national security needs would prevent his attendance.  Thank You General in advance and we all look forward to seeing you at our Reunion banquet.  Semper Fidelis!

     Be prepared for an interesting National Meeting.  Nominations have not been forthcoming. I have said many times, at every reunion I have ever attended, I invariably meet someone I haven't seen in over 30 years.  If not, I always make new friends among MARINES; remember that.  Every Marine is a "paid up Member" in the history of our Corps.  I personally look forward to meeting any and all Marines regardless of era. While I was at last year's Birthday Celebration at the Iwo Jima War Memorial, I heard the Commandant say to a former Marine, who apologized for not being in combat during his hitch in the Corps; "Never apologize for your time in history and your honorable service to our Corps and Country" or words to that effect.
This former Marine believes that anyone who has to "mettle" to be a Marine is my friend and fellow Marine forever.  As always, I am looking forward to our Reunion, I am asking you to do your part as "former and forever"
Marines;  Attend our Reunion, recruit a new Member or reinstate an old one.

Semper Fidelis-

Philip L. Beckerich III
Association President
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