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The First MAW Association – Vietnam Service will hold its National Business Meeting at 9:00AM on Sat, November  12, 2005. The meeting will be held at the Double Tree Hotel, 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202. The meeting agenda includes the election of officers. In accordance with Article 6 of our By-Laws, members in good standing are invited to nominate candidates for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The following outlines the process for nominating candidates:

All Regular Members in good standing (i.e., dues paid) are eligible for nomination. Any Regular Member in good standing may submit an eligible member’s name in nomination.  However, before nominating a member, you must get the nominee’s consent.
Submit the name of the nominee and the name of the position for which nominated by mail or email. Nominations can be sent to the Association address or email jamant@verizon.net.
Have four other members in good standing endorse or second the nomination. This can also be done by mail or email.
The candidate for nomination should submit a brief outline of his qualifications by mail or email.
Deadline for nominations is November 1, 2005. 


FMAW SEABAG ( Continued)

Whiskey Battery of 1/12, will get together in Fort Worth, TX on 23-25 September, 2005.  Information can be obtained by e-mail at: SemperFiE5@aol.com or by telephoning at: 360-795-3674 or you can visit the website at: www.usmcwhiskey1-12.org.

Information on K/3/7 get togethers can be obtained by contacting Smitty at: 870-247-1146 or by e-mail at:

The Red Devils of VMFA-232 will be celebrating their 80th anniversary with a reunion on 3-5 February, 2006 in San Diego, CA.   You can get the information needed by contacting Captain Ryan R. McCaskill, of the squadron at: mccaskillrr@3maw.usmc.mil or at: mccaskillrr@CVW11.navy.mil.  Sorry, no telephone number is available.

3rd MarDiv information can be obtained by telephoning 703-451-3844 or go to their website at: www.caltrap.com. 

The Moonlighters of HMM-764 will host their semi-annual Cargo Hook Reunion on 4 November, 2005 at the 
Anaheim Marriot.  Check out their website at: www.moonlight764.net.  Or get in touch with the CO directly at: naviauxjc@acemnf-wirag.usmc.mil.  


Thanks to those, who have so far, volunteered in one capacity or another, but we can use a few more volunteers to help make Reunion ’05 a success.  If you can volunteer your time before, or during, the Reunion, or can donate prizes or gifts, please let Phil Beckerich know.  Phil can be reached at: 914-232-6623.  Also, if you have proposed BY LAWS changes, Phil needs to know by 31 October.  By the time that you get this newsletter, the Reunion will be about 6-7 weeks away.  If  you haven’t gotten your registration in, you best be getting into high gear.  Get a move on, Gomer, Drip, Andy Capp, Raggie, Herbie, Flash, and all of the rest of you guys!

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