The following is a list of officers and committee members of the First Marine Aircraft Wing Association - Vietnam Service.  If you have any questions, suggestion, or comments, feel free to contact those that you consider most appropriate.
Bernard LaPira - President

Bill Walden - Vice President

Al Frater - Secretary

Jerry Sergeant - Treasurer

            Past Presidents:
            Frank Arce
            Philip Beckerich III
            Joseph Amant
            Robert J Waters - Founder
Regional Coodinators
Northeast:   Open

Southeast:  Open

Central:       Open

Southwest:  Open

Northwest:  Bob Bliss
The Scoop:  Al Frater

Historian:     Open

Membership: Jerry Sergeant

Scholarship Chairman:  Phil Beckerich III
Members:  Ret, Judge Thomas Dunn,
                  Cody Clark
Chaplain:  Open

Judge Advocate: Open
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                  From Left to Right: 
Jerry Sergeant, Treasure/Membership
 Bill Walden, Vice President
 Rob Waters, Founder/ Past President
 Bernie LaPira, President
Phil Beckerich III, Past President/Scholarship
Al Frater, Secretary/Scoop Editor
Frank Arce, Past President